Fundación Huellas

Step by step to be a volunteer at the Huellas Foundation

1. The first thing you should know is that our headquarters are located in the Santo Domingo Savio II neighborhood in Medellín, Colombia, near the Santo Domingo Metro Cable station.
2. Hold a face-to-face or virtual conversation in which the interest of the volunteer is shared, their availability in times and days, as well as getting to know the Foundation (history, purpose, current agenda, required profiles, times required for volunteering). ).
3. The Foundation is not linked to a religious community, or a political party, therefore those who volunteer must refrain from promoting the participants’ connection with this type of organization.
4. The foundation is not welfare, therefore, volunteering must avoid practices of this type with the people participating in the Foundation’s activities.
5. Required profiles: trainers in reading, writing, basic mathematics, conflict management, arts, languages, computers, jewelry, recreation, psychologists, administration, social networks, communication, resource management, document management, cleanliness, social work, customer service, data entry, support for trainers, project management, transportation, ambassadors, logistical support, civil labor, lawyers, strategic planning, political science, programming, trade trainers, medicine , odontology.
6. Time required: At least 5 hours a week, 3 for the training and coordination session, and at least 2 hours for the meeting with the girls and boys.
7. If interest persists, send a resume to, which includes a contact telephone number and identification document number (verification of criminal records and sexual abuse of minors).
8. Study the child protection policy and the agreement to adhere to it, if you agree with the policy, then sign the agreement and deliver it.
9. Study the volunteer agreement and if approved, sign it and deliver it.
10. Present evidence of the health coverage you have.
11. Participate (in person or virtually) in training meetings and planning sessions, on Mondays from 2 to 5pm.
12. Timely report absences from accompanying activities, to be able to manage replacements.
13. For a month, carry out volunteer activities (including cleaning activities) and at the end of that cycle, express through a letter of wish, why you want to continue your volunteer work. In that month you should know the workplaces at the headquarters and in the Granizal de Bello neighborhood. In general, we do not have resources to support transportation with money.
14. Know the mission of the Foundation and its statute: promotion and defense of the rights of girls and boys. At the same time, know the Foundation’s approaches (gender, intercultural rights, functional diversity and sexual diversity), know the advances in the criteria for supporting the different groups of boys and girls (teamwork, trust and creativity, management of frustration, diversity, executive function).